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Teaching and learning

Learning is the Work

At Grovely State School we believe in providing learning opportunities for every child to develop to their full potential, by varying the pathways through either a Montessori or Mainstream option.  We are a unique school where all students are challenged to be curious, active learners and students are encouraged to achieve their very best within a supportive, unique and inclusive environment.

We are a school with collaborative teams who work together and share expertise to support students and their learning, and each other.  Our welcoming school environment is supportive, community orientated, inclusive and underpinned by our school wide values.  Our school community have high expectations of our school and we are fiercely invested in students reaching their full potential.  Our staff are passionate, professional, flexible, dedicated and curious.  They are committed to all students achieving the best overall learning outcomes, within a positive, supportive and caring environment.  The dual pathway curriculum facilitates the development of all students academically, physically, socially and emotionally.  The mainstream and Montessori options allow for differentiation and challenge in a safe learning environment.  We unite towards the same goal – to provide quality learning experiences that holistically prepare each and every student for their futures and to be the best that they can be.

A Rigorous Curriculum

Teachers at Grovely State School have a deep understanding of the content and what is to be taught.  Grovely follows the Australian Curriculum in all learning areas and teachers prepare engaging, challenging and curious lessons around the skills and knowledge and understanding of this curriculum.  The Australian Curriculum sets consistent national standards to improve learning outcomes for all young Australians.  It sets out what students should be taught and achieve as they progress through school.  It is the base for future learning, growth and active participation in the Australian community.  The Australian Curriculum does not specify how the content must be taught.  Therefore, Grovely teachers plan rigorous, relevant and engaging learning to address the individual learning needs of our students.  Grovely State School uses the Explicit Instruction Model to guide students in their learning.  The basic premise of each explicitly taught lesson is:

Lesson Intent – We Are Learning To (WALT); What I’m Looking For (WILF); This Is Because (TIB).

I Do It – Teacher models skill/content to the students.

We Do It – Teacher and students practice the skill together.

You Do It Together – Students work collaboratively to demonstrate their understanding of the skill/content.

You Do It – Students work independently on the skill/content.

At Grovely, it is expected that children should know the intent of the lesson, the expectations around their learning, what they are expected to learn and the standard of work that is required. 

Regular assessment of student learning, including diagnostic assessments to map the progress of each student, and provide feedback to students on their learning progress is continuous.

Moving Knowledge from Short Term to Long Term Memory

Some students gain an understanding of concepts easily.  However, for most, things need to be repeated (some students may need to have things repeated up to 30 times).  In every class, basics of literacy and numeracy are continually repeated through the form of a Warm-Up.  Warm-Ups can occur in various forms, which includes skill, drill and practice; games; and utlilising Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).

High Expectations

When students are given the skills, guidance and opportunities it is amazing what they can achieve.  At every year level, we have high expectations of our students.  We want our students to be challenged, curious and independent learners and it is important that the core beginning foundations are provided at Grovely State School.
We believe that all children can learn and have potential, by varying the learning pathways to suit the needs of the students.  We believe that by scaffolding our expectations of students they should be familiar with what is expected in their learning and development.  We guide and support every child to fulfil their social, emotional, intellectual and physical potential.  In varying the pathways through our Montessori and Mainstream options, we believe that students learn through strong, positive relationships; safe, nurturing environments; explicit teaching; constructivist/discovery models and all with respect each child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.    Our teachers are committed to planning for differentiation and set high standards of work expected from the students.

Goal Setting

Each student in the school is expected to have learning goals.  The goals are gained from the student’s data and they are set by the student with teacher guidance.  The students set goals around their literacy (reading and writing) development and numeracy.  The data used for goal setting may include school and system data, teacher observations, report card comments, reading progress statements, and information from parents.  Each child is explicit about their goals and the steps they need to attain them.

Parents as Partners

The parents at Grovely are very supportive of the school and the students.  Our staff communicate in a professional and highly effective manner with parents and carers to ensure that this partnership continues to grow and flourish for the benefit of every student.  Teachers communicate with parents and carers through a variety of different mediums.  These include, class newsletters, our annual meet and greet evening, and 3 way interviews.  At Grovely, we highly value our partnerships with parents and the community.  This ensures that we work together to assist in the development of the whole child.  We believe it is important to work together to support student learning.

Quality Relationships

Grovely State School students know that the staff care about them and their learning.  A vital element of our school environment is that all staff develop quality relationships with the students in our school and that every child matters every day.

Assessment and Reporting

At the beginning of every year parents, students and teachers meet to discuss students learning goals and establish important relationships that support student learning as the year develops.

Report cards are issued to parents twice a year as required by the National agreement for all states and territories.  Report cards provide our parents with an Overall Achievement mark and an Effort mark plus a teacher comment about their student’s learning in each curriculum area.  Our teachers work together, through moderation processes, to ensure consistency in teacher judgements.

Parents of students in years 3 and 5 receive NAPLAN reports that offer information on how their child performed during the National Testing that occurs in May each year.