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​If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please  contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.
Folder: New EnrolmentsNew EnrolmentsNew Enrolments
I4S Grovely State School.pdfI4S Grovely State School171 KB
Student Enrolment Form Version 7.pdfStudent Enrolment Form Version 72248 KB
SIU - Grovely State School - Executive Summary - 2017.pdfSIU - Grovely State School - Executive Summary - 2017441 KB
Charlotte Bowley Bio.pdfCharlotte Bowley Bio44 KB
Helen Lauder Bio.pdfHelen Lauder Bio554 KB
Sarah Lim Bio.pdfSarah Lim Bio32 KB
0-BPOINT-Invoice.pdf0-BPOINT-Invoice310 KB
0-BPOINT-Statement.pdf0-BPOINT-Statement380 KB
0-BPOINT-Unique-Link.pdf0-BPOINT-Unique-Link149 KB
Enrolment Form.pdfEnrolment Form2366 KB
qschools-flyer.pdfqschools-flyer464 KB
Selection Process for Instrumental Music Program.pdfSelection Process for Instrumental Music Program59 KB
SOSHC Family Handbook - October 2017.pdfSOSHC Family Handbook - October 20172296 KB
07-573 Fee Schedule -OSHC - AGR from 23.1.17.pdf07-573 Fee Schedule -OSHC - AGR from 23.1.1724 KB
AGR - Enrolment Form 2018.pdfAGR - Enrolment Form 20182320 KB
Enrolment Agreement.pdfEnrolment Agreement89 KB
Internet Permission Form.pdfInternet Permission Form110 KB
Intro Montessori Based Classrooms.pdfIntro Montessori Based Classrooms166 KB
Media Consent Form.pdfMedia Consent Form66 KB
Allergic_Reactions_Action_Plan_2017_WEB.pdfAllergic_Reactions_Action_Plan_2017_WEB226 KB
Anaphylaxis_Epipen_Personal_Action_Plan_2017_WEB.pdfAnaphylaxis_Epipen_Personal_Action_Plan_2017_WEB275 KB
Asthma Care Plan.pdfAsthma Care Plan160 KB
Emergency Medication.pdfEmergency Medication443 KB
Routine Short-Term Medication.pdfRoutine Short-Term Medication488 KB
Payment Plan General.docxPayment Plan General122 KB
SRS Participation Form.pdfSRS Participation Form193 KB
Grovely State School Responsible Behaviour Plan.pdfGrovely State School Responsible Behaviour Plan6940 KB
school map 2018.pubschool map 2018141 KB
Meet and Greet Flyer.pdfMeet and Greet Flyer3305 KB
2019 Investing for Success Agreement signed.docx.pdf2019 Investing for Success Agreement signed.docx213 KB
2019 Enrolment Pack.pdf2019 Enrolment Pack4427 KB
Fee Schedule AGR 2019.2020.pdfFee Schedule AGR 2019.2020520 KB
school map 2019.pdf2019 School Mapschool map 2019595 KB
Application to hire.docAPPLICATION TO HIREApplication to hire50 KB
Term 1 2019 Community Calendar.docxCommunity Calendar Term 1, 2019Term 1 2019 Community Calendar44 KB
Great Results Guarantee 2015.pdfGreat Results Guarantee 2015Great Results Guarantee 2015402 KB
2018 Investing for Success I4S agreement for Independent Public Schools (003).pdfI4S 2018 aggreement2018 Investing for Success I4S agreement for Independent Public Schools (003)179 KB
I4S IPS Investing for Success  2017.pdfInvesting for Success 2017I4S IPS Investing for Success 20171087 KB
request-to-administer-medication.pdfRequest to administer Medication 2013request-to-administer-medication128 KB
Pertussis fact sheet.pdfWhooping cough fact sheetPertussis fact sheet176 KB