Uniform shop


The uniform shop has now reopened and has a new home. 

The uniform shop will operate every Monday Morning from 8:30 am-9:30 am and is now located at the Tuckshop.  

Cash and EFTPOS are available.

Please watch this space as the P&C have recently contracted to a new Australian Made uniform supplier meaning we will have sale items from our previous suppliers and new stock available shortly 

Second hand uniform policy


Library Bag $10
Surf Hat $10
Bucket Hat Reversible


$45 - $55
Formal Shirt $35 - $40
Polo Shirt $32 - $38
Polo Shirt Long Sleeve $35 - $40
Skorts $30
Cargo Shorts $30
Unisex Long Pants $35
Bootleg Pants (limited stock) $15
Boys Cargo Pants (limited stock) $15
Fleecy Jacket
$36 - $40
​Maroon Tights  

Ordering uniforms online using Qkr!

Order by 8am Monday (during term) and your items will be delivered by the teacher to your student in class.

Please use the Notes section on your Qkr! order to nominate the student and classroom for delivery.

Second hand uniform shop

The Grovely State School P&C runs the Second-Hand Uniform Shop both as a service to the school community and as a fundraising venture. This service provides the opportunity to buy and sell second-hand items, in good condition, for less than the cost of new items.

To view the current stock available, please visit the Uniform Shop on Monday mornings between 8:30am – 9:30am.

Second-hand stock is not available for sale on Qkr!

Second hand uniform policy

Terms and Conditions for Acceptance of Stock​

​1. All clothing submitted for purchase to the GSS Uniform Shop must be in Good to Very Good condition. Submitted garments are subject to the following standards.

Only clothing which meets these criteria will be considered:

  • Garment is current regulation school uniform.
  • Garment is laundered and pressed.
  • No stains, discolouration or yellowing evident on garment.
  • All embroidery/school logos are in good condition.
  • All buttons and zips are present and in working order.
  • No holes, pilling or fraying on garment. All hems intact.
  • Hats, stockings, socks, and shoes will not be accepted for resale due to health regulations.

2. The price offered for purchase is set by the P&C Association as a fair and reasonable price in line with P&C policy and as such is non-negotiable. Payment for the garment/s will be made with cash only. Credit for purchases at the Uniform Shop or any other P&C enterprise will not be offered.

3. The final decision on acceptance of the garment/s is at the discretion of the Uniform Shop Manager. In addition to the quality of the garment submitted for purchase, other factors that may be considered are current stock levels, storage space, and the likelihood of the item being resold.

4. Garments that do not meet the above standards may be sold privately (via the P&C Facebook Page, for example), or alternatively donated to the Chaplain.

5. You may present your uniform garments for purchase at the Uniform Shop on Monday mornings between 8:30 and 9:30am EXCEPT for the first two weeks of term one.

Terms and conditions for buyers

1. BUYERS BEWARE. Items are purchased Second Hand at the buyer's risk. No exchanges or refunds are available on this stock.

2. Second-hand items will not be available to purchase via QKR!

For more details about this secure payment system please visit

Last reviewed 23 August 2022
Last updated 23 August 2022